About us



 Hello friends, about us to me: my name is Aslam Sama.  I love reading and writing information on various Islamic topics.  That’s why I have started this blog.  On this blog, you will get to read information related to the lyrics of Hamd, Naat, Manqabat, and Salami etc. Whatever information is put on this blog.  We do a lot of research before posting it, and then share it on this blog.

  my islamic knowledge

  Friends, if I talk about my Islamic knowledge background, I have been interested in Quran and Hadith since the beginning.  I did Kari class, then Alim class, and after that I have also done Fazilat.  After that I worked in Islamic Institute, then after that I opened my small Islamic Institute.  But I already loved reading and writing blogs on the internet.

 Why did I create this blog?

  Friends, nowadays many people come to the internet to get information related to career and education.  But nowadays everyone is becoming a blogger.  For this reason, most people write information without thinking.  That’s why I created this blog so that I can give you all the genuine information related to the lyrics of Hamd, Naat, Mankabat, and Salami.

  If you find any deficiency in our information, then you can tell us.  And you can give your opinion.  And if you want to ask something, then you can comment in the comment box.  Or you can contact on this email address. aslamsama0001@gmail.Com

Thank You For All Visitor 🙏